Integrative Aesthetic Medicine Academy

               Aesthetic Medicine Trainings for You to                                    achieve your best skills


In the iAMA Method we combine the latest aesthetic medical advances with the brand new special hololens anatomy education system and various natural, alternate therapies to improve and prolong youth and beauty.

Our method integrates eight different disciplines to help our students achieve their goals and develop their full potential. 

Certification Courses

Certified Aesthetic Practioner Program (CAPP)

Aesthetic Medicine Course with 12 different modules. 

You can go one by one and complete all 12 when it is the best for you and during the period how it fits you the most. No pressure, no rush, you pay for each module only when you completed the previous one.

To achieve the Level3 Aesthetic Specialist Certificate you need to complete all 12 modules.

If you are interested only in some of the techniques, modules or only one module, no problem, you can buy each module individually too.

Aesthetic Injector Diploma Course

Clinical Aesthetic Injector Practioner (CAIP)

This is iAMA's signature Aesthetic Injector Course.

6 months specialisation containing theory, hands on and individual experience observation sections. 

Each period ends with successfull online exam.

Level7 Clinical Aesthetic Injector Diploma qualification for course members.

In 2022 we pay you back your tuition fee's 30% by supporting your future praxis with HA fillers and HA boosters in the value of 30%.


Always online.

One or two sessions thematic events, which are only available at the announced dates with limited attendants, usually for a maximum of 4-6 students.

With an online theory session and instructed  practice.

iAMA Bestseller Cataloge

The best products...We tried them, we love them, we only use them.

Download our exclusive iAMA BestSeller catalog now for free

We have selected a list of the best products for every Aesthetic Medicine treatment, the ones we only use during training and treatments.

Products for Hyaluronic Acid Filler treatments, SkinBooster treatment, Mesotherapy, Shape contouring, Peeling treatments.

Are You ready to achieve your goals?

At iAMA Academy we all work for You.

We have learned that the result of an aesthetic treatment cannot be just that our clients have a few less wrinkles on their face.

Stay with us and learn to use the best technologies in an integrated manner.

May your new profession be artistic, inspiring, efficient and safe.

"I got much more from the Aesthetic Injector Diploma Course than a new profession. I feel that this is what I have always wanted, to make my clients more          beautiful and happier - all this with the necessary knowledge, security and                                                                       background."                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Agnes F. Aesthetic Specialist

                                              Win to Win Partnership Program                                                           We will reimburse you 30% of the fee of our Clinical Aesthetic Injector               Diploma Training in Hyaluronic Acid Filler and Biorevitalizing products.                           Learn without worrying  about getting the products you need to get                                                                          started.                                                                     iAMA will give you the first 40 ml of Filler for free*refund only applies to the                       Aesthetic Injector Diploma Training                

Do the first Step Today!

Can't decide?

Watch our free videos to get to know the Integral-approach of the  Certificate and Diploma courses, workshops more closely.

Imagine yourself learning and creating with a syringe in your hands. 

Do you like what you see ? If so, start studying today!

Come. And learn with Us.

Why our Courses?

You can be a  beginner or a professional with several years of experience, the  training's syllabius and the number of practical hours are determined by your talent and knowledge. 

If you need to perform more guided treatments in order to work safely, we have the opportunity to practice with you until you feel your technique is perfect.

What makes us different?

Our accredited training allows you to take the internationally recognized Level7 Aesthetic Injector exam in the VTCT and CIBTAC registration system. 

In 2022, this is only available by iAMA in Hungary.

Professional Treatment Plans

After completing our training, you will know 

  • What you will need in your practice, 
  • How many products you will need and 
  • Where you can buy them to do the best work.
  • How to calculate the costs of treatments
  • How to allocate your resources

Safety above all

According to simple step-by-step protocols, you can easily learn to recognize, minimize and classify contraindications - so your clients' safety will be the most important thing and you can go to sleep peacefully after all the work you do.

Your clients will gift you with their trust

"Just LIke That" effect

We teach you how to find your own voice and style in Aesthetic Medicine treatments

With us, your work will be your trademark


Still have questions? We are happy to assist you at any time.


you are here for more and you are looking for the right moment to start a new career



that this is the right training and direction for you. In such cases, the decision is ALWAYS in your hands.



because no one will do it for you. Choose a training, choose a module and take the first step today.


Where the face is part of the body and soul. Where resonance, lifestyle, nutrition, movement, medical aesthetics, and modern technology are integral parts of the conscious clinical therapist's work. 


You can give everyone what they need. Because you use the possibilities consciously. No two DNSs are the same, no two protocols are the same.



You know the safe limits,  you respect the possibilities, but safety is above all else. This is the trademark of ICAM specialists.

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